Cinema Motion Ads

Give your brand the big screen treatment when you participate in our Cinema Motion Ad program. ?Cinema motion ads are the full motion, full sound spots that play prior to each feature at our theatres in Casper, Cheyenne, Rock Springs and Green River. ?Placement in this program is limited to FOUR advertisers per town, which means that we are often SOLD OUT of spaces in this popular program. ?Advertisers love them because they run alongside the previews that moviegoers enjoy. ?They are also the only full-motion, full sound, high definition advertising available in the movie theaters, where your company has a captive audience. ?Best of all, a month of these ads costs far less than comparable television advertising in your hometown.

A few of the benefits/features of this program help to illustrate what makes this new medium such a valuable advertising tool:

? Limited to only (4) 20-sec spots
? The only full-motion HD video ads that include sound
? Ads run immediately prior to the Coming Attractions once everyone is seated and the theater lights are lowered (essentially the most effective time to reach a captive and engaged audience at the movies)
? Includes prominent logo tag on introduction screen
? Category Exclusivity
? Unlike TV advertising, Cinema advertising cannot be ignored, skipped or fast-forwarded

Our Motion Ads are currently SOLD OUT in Casper?with?an extensive waiting list, but we currently have one (1) opening in Cheyenne and one (1) opening in RS/GR.?The cost in Cheyenne and Rock Springs is $12,000 for a one-year agreement (can be billed monthly) which does include the formatting and repurposing of an existing spot, along with 40 Free Movie passes. ?Full video production is available for an additional fee. ?Check out the sample ad below and be sure to contact an Adbay sales rep if you think these ads are right for your company!